Bangor BID

Welcome to the Bangor Business Improvement District

Business Improvement Districts (BID's) are becoming a worldwide success story with an estimated 1,400 having been established. The Bangor BID was established in 2015, and has developed a strategy to enhance the business environment and improve economic growth in the BID areas by investing in and improving the City for everyone’s benefit.

The Bangor BID is working hard to make our City Centre a better place to shop, study, visit, stay, work and live. Ensuring the City Centre is Clean and Green, Smart and Safe is vital part of being able to Proudly Promote the district as a location that is Influential and Integrated in its approach to the wide range of businesses that it serves.

The BID is not a substitute for central or local government services, but is a way
additional funding can be raised which businesses then decide how to use to
strengthen the local business economy.

For more information about BID’s and how your business can benefit, please see our about page, or contact us via the link at the bottom of the page.

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