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Published: Thursday 12 April 2018


One of the major concerns of the levy payers was the need to improve the parking situation in Bangor, being mindful that there is a mix of private, (three different owners) and public parking providers – Gwynedd County Council (GCC)

The BID manager is working hard to reach an agreement with GCC for a trial of free parking in the City centre area 15.30 and 17.30 hours.


One of the key wishes of the levy payers at the time of the ballot was to have landing maps, direction and information boards at landing points in the City; these would direct footfall to the High Street. GCC, as the planning authority, have given the OK for BID to install 'wayfinder' maps (Based on the work done on the re-branding) in their car parks throughout the City. The maps will be launched as soon as the final designs are approved by all stakeholders. It is proposed to install 13 maps in key areas throughout the City.


The Christmas Cracker and Chinese New Year are two events that are now well established in the calendar which bring a welcome increase in footfall to the High Street.  Whilst the BID wants to increase the number of events on the High Street, at this stage, the BID doesn't have the human resources to put on additional events.  We do however have the ability to support events that any levy payer wants to put on themselves, with help in marketing, road closures, infrastructure support etc.  This has worked well in other BID areas where certain businesses have driven events (Colwyn Bay photo festival, Caernarfon Food Festival).  If you have an idea for and event and need some help to get it off the ground, please contact Robin who will come to see you to help get the wheels in motion. 


In February a meeting took place of the all Wales BID Network. The Bangor BID Manager attended on behalf of the Board. The Wales BID's varied greatly in their size and the time since they were established. One of the BID areas in now entering ballot for a fifth term. There was an exchange of information and ideas to tackle challenges from the most simple to the most complex. Should you require more information please contact Robin via the email address provided above.

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