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Access & Linkages Project

As part of the BIDs involvement in the City’s Strategic Partnership, the Access and Linkages group has been working to develop a master plan for the city.  The intention of the plan is to enhance and develop the relationships, access and connections between the 5 other priorities within the partnership and the city’s existing public realm and built environment.

Published: Friday 8 March 2019

In particular the aim is to seek a more integrated, joined-up approach to a city plan that has the potential to:

  • improve the lives of citizens
  • promote efficiencies
  • prevent disjointed planning processes
  • reduce costs
  • enable economic growth
  • enhance vibrancy and culture
  • meet sustainability challenges now and in the future.

With funding secured from the Welsh Assembly’s Targeted Regeneration Investment Fund (TRI) and Gwynedd Council, a public tender seeking appropriately qualified and experienced organisations to complete a master plan was put out in December.  After a rigorous scoring process, 3 businesses were invited for a final presentation and interview, and from this a single organisation selected, LDA Design.

LDA Design, come with a huge amount of experience in town centre planning within the UK and overseas and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and creative thinking that will help deliver the aims of the Partnership.  You can view some of their innovative work on their website here:

The first inception meeting has already taken place and the scope of works clearly defined.  The coming weeks will involve bringing together all the mapping data, current and past plans, strategic aims, statistics and demographics of the area.

The next stage, and one of the key parts of the master plan, is to really understand and engage with key stakeholders in the city to help inform and guide future possibilities.  This process will involve The Big Bangor Planning Week, starting on the 1st April with a series of workshops and presentations. 

As part of this, we are looking for individuals to attend a LDA run half day workshop, based around one of the 3 main themes of the Partnership (Economy and Promotion, Development and Environment and Housing, Health and Well Being).  If you are keen to be part of this exciting process, please contact Robin, the BID Manager, via the email, so that he can add your name to the list.  More details will follow for those that are interested.

Whilst the funding for this project is limited to design only, as part of the master plan, LDA will deliver 2/3 detailed plans (RIBA Stage 3) that will then be used to seek further funding from TRI and Gwynedd CC for implementation in 2019/2020.

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