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Bangor Celebration Street: let’s turn the High Street into a celebration stage for one week!

Graduation week (15-19 July) will see 2,100 graduating students and 5-6,000 of their friends and relatives filling the city and visiting Bangor’s businesses. We’d like to celebrate this by congratulating our students on their achievements, and welcoming their loved ones to our city.

Published: Thursday 16 May 2019

Well done students, and welcome all!

For one week in July, the City of Bangor welcomes all graduating students and their families, and with around 2,100 students graduating, we estimate about 5000 - 6000 guests coming to Bangor, all in the mood to celebrate success.

This is a great opportunity for the High Street to congratulate and celebrate with the students who have lived in Bangor for three years - people that will become future ambassadors of Bangor.

How can we, the businesses in Bangor City Centre, benefit from this opportunity?

Let’s turn the High Street into one big celebration stage with one big message: WELL DONE STUDENTS and WELCOME ALL!

We will transform the High Street into a real festive atmosphere and invite all students and guests to celebrate this very special moment with us, right here in Bangor.

Graduation gives us all an extraordinary business opportunity, and at the same time provides an enhanced experience to the students and families that they’ll remember forever.

Here are some ideas of how we can make this happen:

  • Special festive decorations for the High Street
  • Creating beautiful walls and scenery for photos and selfies
  • Organising special events inside shops and cafes
  • Opening our businesses for extended hours
  • Offering special gifts
  • A festive events programme with our best performing artists, to be staged in the High Street
  • A champagne tent for toasting the students

Pledge your support

To make this happen, we need to get as many businesses as possible involved so that everyone can contribute and benefit.

If you’d like to commit to getting involved in some way – whether that’s decorating your business, opening for extended hours or even helping to develop the concept – please email Maria Ana Botelho Neves at no later than 20 May 2019.

For further information, you could also download the official leaflet for the project, below.

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