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Business Breakfast

You might have heard about a Bangor Business Breakfast organised by Enid, Kate and Maria? 

Although it is not a BID initiative, it is a simple idea we truly believe can refresh and support developing the business community on the High Street.

Published: Friday 8 March 2019

Business breakfast

The first Business Breakfast was served by Dale and Steve at the Domu Café at 206, High Street, with some stunning coffee and amazing croissants, or so we’re told!

The idea for the Business Breakfast came when the Clio Lounge opened, with its new energy to the High Street, but along with this energy came some concern that a chain was opening on the High Street.  The aim of the breakfast was to look at ways in which businesses can complement each other rather than overly compete with each other.   

The instigators had some ideas of what could be achieved, and wanted to hear what local businesses wanted the breakfast to become:

  • A stronger network that becomes a resource for mutual help
  • A way of making the transition from the old High Street to a new one a lot more positive
  • A platform for sharing Inspiration and Information,
  • Things like….
    • Someone needs a builder, and someone else has just done refurbishing works
    • Someone needs help with a website or a piece of software, and someone is the expert
    • Someone would like to organise an event, and someone else has full knowledge on how to do it
    • Everyone reads news but there is never enough time to find everything – can the news be shared and discussed?
    • Maybe there is someone new coming to the High Street and can be better integrated into the business community

All great examples of what can be done as a collaborative collective!

We heard about some of the breakfast outcomes:

  • Shared view that events in the High Street are very positive, with the Friday market having a visible impact in some businesses, as people potentially come to do various things on Friday because there is a market
  • There is a pressing need to coordinate information about what is happening, with activities put up from each business as well as organised by others (a shared calendar of events?). If businesses know in advance, they can be better prepared to take advantage (increase food available, stocks of products, help promote, etc)
  • Business Rates is a big concern for independent businesses and should be a top priority for the BID and the Council to help businesses
  • Businesses would also welcome more clarity and information around BID activities on a regular basis, and report what is being done 
  • Business Breakfast to continue on a monthly basis

The group hope the breakfasts will continue to grow and strengthen, and we congratulate the instigators, and the pioneers who joined!

We have been told that any businesses (owners or staff, retailers or professionals or services) are welcome, and should get in touch with Enid, Kate or Maria via email to, by the 15th of March if willing to join the next breakfast, planned for the 20th March! 

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