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The Secrets Society Presents…The Dreams Window

The Secrets Society Presents… is a creative collective, with open doors to participation from anyone in Bangor. Melding talents, skills and secrets from storytellers, event producers, artists, historians, film makers, taxi drivers, bakers, shop-keepers, sound and light engineers, scientists, farmers, mothers and grandmothers, among others, who are all from Bangor and surroundings – basically anyone and everyone!  

Published: Friday 8 March 2019

The Dreams Window

When they are not so busy with their lives, they get together to produce events, which only have two things in common: they are secret and happen in Bangor.

Their first event has been happening on the High Street this week…. the Dreams Window Project, because, well, everyone dreams!

The idea is simple, find some blank windows in the middle of Bangor High Street, recruit a group of artists to help bring people’s dreams alive, and engage with people passing.  Each participant was asked very simple questions:

  • do they dream when they are awake? If not, why not?
  • do they have dreams for the High Street?
  • what would they do if they had a super power to transform the high street?

Although the artists were present, it was great to see people visualising their own dreams in their own drawings!

There were moments when the two windows were packed with people drawing, many adults and young adults having very interesting conversations, and most people were also curious about the project itself and suggested it would be so nice to have more “events” like this.

The range of ‘dreams’ was amazing, from the “obsession” for brands like Primark and McDonalds, to the reminiscing of a place missed by many locals, the ”50 pence” located in front of where Boots and H&M are located nowadays, with a seating and trees area and a ramp leading to an open sky “square” with mixed shops from Crafts to Tesco – the good old Wellfield Centre!

Whilst it was great to look back, it was also really important to look forward with dreamers highlighting the need for sustainability, and plenty of quirky culture. 

Trees on the High Street as a constant flow of dreams, a refill shop, a music stage – loads of ideas!

The best thing to see is that people are involved – we now need to change those dreams to reality! 

Want to know more?

Send them your secret… and they promise to tell everyone!!

Any BID members who wants to be involved, should get in touch with Maria email:  

The Secrets Society network is independent from the BID, and open to anyone to join projects as they wish. What it aspires to achieve is to become a local platform for participation and to build creative production capability for the centre of Bangor, which will be in strong collaboration with the BID and Businesses, local community groups, younger and elder generations, willing to improve the High Street.

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