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The Secrets Society Presents... the Noticeboard Windows Project

Following the success of the Dreams Window project, the windows of the empty Greenwoods shop on Bangor High Street are again being utilised in a way that benefits and engages the community.

Published: Thursday 28 March 2019

Noticeboard window project

The Noticeboard Windows Project – organised by the Secrets Society Presents, who were also behind the Dreams Window – is currently taking place in Bangor High Street and is due to continue until 4 April.

The Noticeboard Windows enables people to notify the community of forthcoming events, classes, pop-ups, festivals and more.

A team of eight artists has been working on the windows, drawing and updating them in a colourful and eye-catching way to draw attention to the information being shared with the community.

Businesses and other organisations with something to promote were invited to get involved, and the artists have been finding appropriate ways to promote them.

Businesses were provided with postcards on which to write the events or announcements they wanted to share on the windows, and these postcards were collected by the Secrets Society Presents for transferring in a creative way onto the glass.

The artists have been drawing directly onto the windows, following an agreed design criteria for the information but at the same time using creative freedom to make sure the windows are both informative and beautiful.

It is hoped that the project will attract attention and generate positive conversations about the good things in the high street.

The team behind the project, The Secrets Society Presents, is a creative collective with open doors for participation to anyone in Bangor.

Melding talents, skills and secrets from storytellers, events producers, artists, historians, film makers, taxi drivers, bakers, shopkeepers, sound and light engineers, scientists, farmers, mothers and grandmothers among others who are all from Bangor and surrounding areas.

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